Financial Guests

Alphabetical List of Financial Guests


Aarstol, Stephan
Aguirre, Gary
Allen, Janathan
Allen, Janathan Esq
Anson, Wes
Avner, Malcolm

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Bachelder, Cheryl
Baker, Ron
Ball, Alan
Barter, Art

Founder and CEO of the Servant Leadership Institute

Bauer, Hank
Berchtold, Ann
Bertocci, Bruno

Managing Director and Global Equity Portfolio Manager at UBS Global Asset Management (Americas) Inc.

Blair, Phil
Blanchard, Ken
Blocker, Andy

Managing Director for US Office of Public Policy UBS

Brannen, Dru
Brooks, Jeff

Director and Senior Wealth Strategist for UBS Wealth Management greater Los Angeles area office

Brophy, Colleen

Executive Director, Senior Portfolio Manager at UBS

Bry, Barbara
Burnham, Malin

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Cain, David
Caperino, Frank
Covey, Steven MR
Cox, John

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Day, Rick
DiBella, Mark
Divona, Joe
Doyle, Larry
Druck, Ken

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Edwards, Patrick
Elliott, Lane

Senior Vice President of California Republic Bank

Eppich, Don

Partner Polito Eppich: CPAs and Business Advisors

Everson, Mark

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Fejtek, Denise
Fejtek, Paul
Fitzmaurice, William
Francis, Richard
Freedman, Stephen

Head of Investment Strategy at UBS

Frees, David
Freeze, Hudson

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Gaines, Rich
Gautreau, Curt

President Cost Segregation Initiatives

Geiger, Brenda

Managing Attorney Geiger Law Office P.C.

Gephart, Tom
Georgiou, Byron
Gin, Alan
Goldsmith, Ben
Goldstein, Alex
Green, Donald
Grushkin, Joel

San Diego Regional Director of Cost Segregation Initiatives

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Hanauer, Nick
Harrison, Debbie Marriott
Hering, Leendert “Len”
Hewitt, Andrew
Hynes, Paul

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Currently no guests with a last name beginning with “I”

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Jacobs, Irwin
Johnson, Roxanne

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Klijn, Leo
Kling, Carolyn
Klingensmith, Katie

Senior Strategist at UBS

Kogan, Vlad
Kruger, Jason

President of Signature Analytics

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Lamb, Joanne
Lefkowitz, David

Senior Equity Strategist at UBS

Lerach, Bill*
Lindsley, Phil
Lombardi, Anthony

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Margalit, Jon
Martinsen, Jen
Matwiyoff, Shannon
McAllister, Dan
McLoughlin, Thomas

Head of Municipal Research at UBS

McRae, Ted
Meltzer, David
Miller, Brett
Mitrovich, Geo
Morris, Dan

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Neilson, Mark
Nevin, Alan

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Olson, Carl

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Padar, Jody
Pagano, Brad
Partnoy, Frank
Polito, Paul

Partner Polito Eppich: CPAs and Business Advisors

Puckett, Sean

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Currently no guests with a last name beginning with “Q”
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Reiman, Kurt

Head of Thematic Research Group with UBS

Richardson, Mike
Rockwell, Eric
Rosebush, James
Roth, Anthony

Managing Director of Fund Due Diligence, Portfolio Advisory Group and Wealth Planning teams at UBS

Ryan, Mike

Chief Investment Strategist for Wealth Management Americas UBS

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Savercool, John

Senior Lobbyist and Managing Director of Political Relationships in Washington for UBS

Sefton, Steven
Schimmel, Scott
Selhorn, Ryan

Vice President Signature Analytics

Senturia, Ethan
Senturia, Neil
Sheeler, Carl

Director Berkley Research Group LLC

Siegler, Mitch
Sonkin, Alex
Spitzer, Paul
Staubus, Martin
Stehly, Neal

Executive Vice President, Benefits Department Marrs Maddocks And Associates a Division of Hub International Insurance Inc.

Stockman, David
Sutherland, Jamie
Swanson, Erik

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Tentler, Peter

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Currently no guests with a last name beginning with “U”
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van Betten, Tom

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Watkins, Nathan

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Currently no guests with a last name beginning with “X”
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Yaeger, Norma
Yanov, Christopher
Yates, Dan

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Currently no guests with a last name beginning with “Z”

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