Innovative Ways to Fund Nonprofits

Resultants, not Consultants

mark-neilsonMark Neilson has developed a creative way to increase funding for nonprofits. Accretive of San Diego performs cost savings analysis for both nonprofits and their corporate donors. In return for this service, Accretive asks that corporations donate a percentage of the found money to the nonprofit. Accretive is also paid a percentage of the found money, and a portion of their fee also goes to the charity. The net increase in operating expenses allows San Diego nonprofits to do more work in the community than they could before. Accretive has been preforming this type of venture philanthropy in the San Diego area since 2010.

joanne-pastulaJoanne Pastula, President and CEO of Junior Achievement (JA) of San Diego, was scheduled, but due to a family emergency unable to join the show. We hope that all is well, and thank her for her interest in the show and all the JA does for the community. JA has been active in the San Diego community since 1950, and it continues to fulfill its mission statement: to empower young people to own their economic success. JA empowers young people with the help of philanthropists, volunteers, educators, and interactive teaching methods. They focus on students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. Ms. Pastula has been working for JA since 1999 and became acquainted with Mr. Neilson and Accretive when the company analyzed the JA’s expenses and helped to reduce them.


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