North Park’s Future with Patrick Edwards

Photo of antique refinisher Patrick EdwardsW. Patrick Edwards, owner of Antique Refinishers Inc. and the American School of French Marquetry Inc., joined the show this Saturday to discuss the 30-year plan to revitalize the San Diego North Park neighborhood with Richard and Joe. Mr. Edwards opened his shop in North Park in the late 1960s when he was college student studying nuclear physics at University of California San Diego. Edwards has carved out a professional niche that is unique, and he has fully embraced working with his hands attending University of Delaware, University of Massachusetts, and Ecole Boulle, Paris to further his knowledge of his trade.

In addition to creating master pieces of furniture out of wood, Edwards is active in his community to ensure its diversity in a village-style atmosphere. The shopping district is lined with Mom and Pop shops, cozy cafes, and coffee houses. North Park is a colorful, hipster area of San Diego that embraces all of its residents as unique individuals, and Patrick Edwards intends to keep it that way.


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