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Great Shows From the Past:

Hank Bauer, former running back of the Chargers

Richard and Joe Interviewed Theresa Moore, Hank Bauer, and Ron Mix Following the Film Presentation

For all fans of the San Diego Chargers and pro football, this is the podcast for you! On April 29, 2012 the San Diego SmartScreen Film Series launched with a presentation of Third and Long: the History of African Americans in Pro Football, 1946-1989.
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Sports Broadcast Host Dick Enberg Joins the Radio Program

Legendary sportscasters Dick Enberg joined our radio program on July 8th, 2012. Enberg continues a long career in calling sports events on NBC, CBS, and ESPN. He is particularly well-known for his 28 year long stint at Wimbledon, …
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“Mr. Warmth,” Don Rickles

The show was be filled with laughter as comedian and actor, Don Rickles joined the show. Mr. Rickles began in show business back in the late 1940s playing small roles on television. However, he became frustrated with the limited number of roles, so he branched out into stand-up comedy. Not being a man to back down from the audience-heckling he received, …
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Billie Jean King and James Erskine | Battle of the Sexes Film

The two amazing guests were Billie Jean King and James Erskine.

Does Billie Jean King really need an introduction? Probably not, but here are a few statistics to refresh your memory on just how amazing this woman is: Former World No. 1 tennis player; holds 39 Grand Slam titles; founder of the Women’s Tennis Association, World Team Tennis and the Women’s Sports Foundation; and the victor of the now world famous Battle of the Sexes tennis match over Bobby Riggs. …
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The Famous San Diego Chicken Speaks

If you know the Famous San Diego Chicken (and who doesn’t) you know he never speaks when he is performing for an audience, but he does speak in front of a microphone. Richard and Joe got The Famous San Diego Chicken to tell some of his most memorable stories. You don’t have to be from San Diego to know about the Famous Chicken …

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