Billie Jean King and James Erskine | Battle of the Sexes Film

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james-erskine-billie-jean-king-battle-of-the-sexesThe two amazing guests were Billie Jean King and James Erskine.

Does Billie Jean King really need an introduction? Probably not, but here are a few statistics to refresh your memory on just how amazing this woman is: Former World No. 1 tennis player; holds 39 Grand Slam titles; founder of the Women’s Tennis Association, World Team Tennis and the Women’s Sports Foundation; and the victor of the now world famous Battle of the Sexes tennis match over Bobby Riggs. She has been an advocate for sexual equality throughout her adult life.

James Erskine is an awarding-winning director, producer and writer. His latest feature length film, Battle of the Sexes, is the story of the now epic 1973 tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King. This tennis match was a pivotal moment for women’s tennis and the women’s movement in general.

Additionally, American Masters Billie Jean King will be aired here in on the PBS American Masters series airing on September 10th at 8pm (check your local listings).

The release of the PBS American Masters program couldn’t be timelier for host Richard Muscio, who has just published a book, So What’s Your Play?, recounting his life as Bobby Riggs nephew and scrapbook maker. Muscio experienced Bobby Riggs and his tennis career from a much different perspective than the rest of the world. It was only as an adult, looking back at his uncle’s life and career, and especially the now most-watched tennis match ever, with Billie Jean King, that Richard realized Riggs actually helped move equality in women’s tennis and for women in general forward more than anyone could have imagined. For those interested in Bobby Riggs, tennis, the battle for women’s equality and the history of women in tennis, Muscio’s book is a must read.

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