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  • Dick Van Dyke at the San Diego Aging Summit

    June 16, 2016

    dick-van-dyke-book-signing-web-2Joe had the pleasure of visiting Dick Van Dyke at the 2016 San Diego Aging summit held at the Town and Country Convention Center on June 15th. Dick was the keynote speaker and was also signing copies of his book “Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths About Aging.” In “Keep Moving,” Dick Van Dyke offers his own playful anecdotes and advice, as well as insights from his brother, actor Jerry Van Dyke; his friend and creator of The Dick Van Dyke Show, Carl Reiner; and other spirited friends and family. Whether he’s describing the pleasure he takes in his habitual visits to the grocery store; how he met his late-in-life-love Arlene; or how he sprung back, livelier than ever, from a near-death experience, Dick’s optimistic outlook is an invigorating tonic for anyone who needs a reminder that life should be lived with enthusiasm despite what the calendar says.

    dick-van-dyke-book-coverMr. Van Dyke was joined by other interesting speakers. In breakout sessions attendees were able to meet local exhibitors and had the opportunity to view a livable home and a livable community exhibit and then provide their input on priorities to address for the Age-Friendly Communities Initiative. There was also valuable information for family caregivers, particularly those dealing with the challenges of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

  • Son of Harpo Speaks

    January 2, 2016

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    bill-marx-book-coverRichard and Joe welcome Bill Marx, son of the beloved comedian Harpo Marx. Show business has truly been his life. His father, born Adolph Marx, got his stage name “Harpo” because he played the harp. In 1910, Harpo join his two brothers Julius (“Groucho”) and Milton (“Gummo”) to form the “The Three Nightingales” which later became “The Marx Brothers.” Harpo was famous for his sight-gags and props. By the age of 12, Bill traveling with his dad on the road and was Harpo’s personal prop man, packing his trunk for every performance.

    Bill studied composition at the Julliard School and is an accomplished pianist, but thinks of himself as a composer first. He began arranging and conducting for his Dad’s recordings and personal performances, and he wrote scores for numerous movies and televisions shows including The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Bill, his Mother (Susan Fleming Marx) and his Father, Harpo, have the distinction of being the only Father-Mother-Son combination honored on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. In fact, they have 5 stars among them.

    In his book, Son of Harpo Speaks, Bill tells the story of his life in show business and his journey down an amazing highway of discovery and love (with more than 160 photos).

    Now a resident of Palm Springs, Bill actively supports many charities. He serves on the boards of Act For MS, Angel View, and he performs at the Stroke Recovery Center. He is also in the process of creating the Harpo Marx Scholarship Foundation.

    To learn more about Harpo’s life and Bill’s life with Harpo, visit Harpo’s Place.
    To learn more about the Marx Brothers, visit the The Marx Brothers Council of Britain.


    Bill Marx Interview

    Bonus Audio

  • Demographics of CPA are Changing

    September 23, 2014

    Public Speaker and accounting professional, Richard Muscio explains how the demographics of the accounting industry allows the firms to fulfill the roles needed to the business model of the future.

  • CPA Trends in Billing

    August 19, 2014

    Leadership speaker for business, Richard Muscio, outlines the how aged method of hourly billing can be driving away some the best clients of a CPA firm. Leadership finance shows that negotiating a set price for a service tends to be make the client feel they are receiving better service.

  • The Seasonality of the Tax Business

    July 30, 2014

    Keynote speaker and CPA, Richard Muscio, relates how the seasonality of the accounting business impairs the ability of CPA firms to become an essential advisor of their top clients.

  • Technology Leads CPA Entrepreneurs into the Future

    July 24, 2014

    Richard Muscio, Event Speaker and CPA, discusses the importance of technology allowing timely communication with all clients, especially the A-list clients.

  • Accounting Offices Going Paperless

    July 22, 2014

    The technology leaders of Certified Public Accounting offices went paperless methods because they listened to their high-end clients stating that they needed to be able to things with digital documents. Richard Muscio, elaborates on how this adds benefits to any CPA firm.

  • Approaching Leadership and Projects with Innovation

    July 14, 2014

    CPA entrepreneur and public speaker, Richard Muscio, shares how innovation plays a large role in ensuring that an accounting office will restructure itself into a CPA Firm of the Future. Accountants need to offer far more services than simply tax preparation and financial statements.

  • The Benefit of Value Pricing for CPAs

    July 7, 2014

    Richard Muscio, the Family Office Guy, sits down to speak about why billing by the hour is an outdated practice in the CPA field. Value pricing, a set amount that is agreed upon for each project, not only allows the client to feel they are receiving a better deal, but also creates the need for the CPA and client to interact face to face while agreeing on a price.

  • Servant Leadership Guiding Accounting Firms Into the Future

    June 9, 2014

    10 Steps to a Ground-Breaking CPA Firm Culture

    1. Servant Leadership Mentality
    2. Innovative
    3. Collaborative vs Competitive
    4. Departments Share work Loads vs Hoard best Clients
    5. Value Based Pricing vs Hourly
    6. Client Centric
    7. Many Face to Face meetings with clients
    8. More transparency
    9. customer service 24 hrs a day based