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The Private Wealth Management Team of Michael Quaranta, Drew Freides and Michael Kanigher.

Serving family offices, high net worth individuals and executives in San Diego, greater Southern California, nationally, and internationally.

UBS is a global leader in managing wealth. With our private wealth management team; it’s a practice, a philosophy, a strong belief that the best way we at UBS can work together is by exploring with you those ideas you have about your life, family goals and aspirations today – and your priorities for the future. It’s about understanding what you’d like to achieve financially over time and how.

The UBS Swiss Financial Advisers Team of Michael Quaranta and Andreas Gertsch
Serving US investors living in the US and abroad, to safely diversify their wealth internationally.

UBS Swiss Financial Advisers offers US investors a safe, easy and tax-compliant way to diversify their assets abroad. Our multi-currency, multi-asset portfolio solutions are specifically designed for US investors who wish to diversify their assets geographically and invest in international markets and currencies. An international portfolio means access to interesting investment opportunities around the world, many of which are not easily available from the United States. UBS Swiss Financial Advisers is a registered US Investment Adviser based in Zurich, Switzerland.

UBS and these gentlemen are proud sponsors of the radio show – “It’s Your Money and Your Life!” You can connect to them at 858-551-9422 or email at or visit their website at

UBS Intellectual Capital Blog brings attention to Guide to Finding a Fulfilling Career

USB-Choose-Career-reportFor those of you that are thinking about your career choices, or know a young person that is doing so, the non-profit “80,000 Hours” has created an amazing career guide. It’ll take you about 4 hours to get through it, but considering you are likely to work for at least 80,000 hours at that career (hence their name) it’s well worth the time.


  • UBS Analyst, David Lefkowitz and USD Economist, Alan Gin on the Impact of Brexit

    June 29, 2016

    David_LefkowitzThis week Richard and Joe addressed and discussed the tumultuous financial times with the exit of Britain from the European Union (Brexit). Their guests were David Lefkowitz, Senior Equity Strategist in CIO Wealth Management Research at USB Financial Services and Alan Gin, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of San Diego. They discussed Brexit and how it will impact US markets and strategies for investors going forward.

    David has over 20 years of experience as an equity analyst and strategist. David’s functional responsibilities include authoring equity strategy research reports; determining the firm’s US equity sector, size, and style preferences; contributing to the firm’s tactical asset allocation, and managing several strategy-driven equity recommendation lists of stocks.

    Prior to joining UBS in 2006 David held analyst and portfolio management positions in the asset management divisions of Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs. David is a Chartered Financial Analyst®.

    A recognized financial expert, David has made appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, and BNN and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The New York Times, The Financial Times, Reuters and other financial publications.

    David holds a B.A. in History from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Economics from Penn’s Wharton School of Business.

    alanginDr. Alan Gin is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of San Diego. Professor Gin is one of the affiliated faculty members of the University of San Diego’s Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate. His other research interests include local public finance, urban transportation, and the economy of San Diego. He is best known for developing and publishing the University of San Diego’s Index of Leading Economic Indicators for San Diego Count, a monthly report on the outlook for the local economy.

    Professor Gin’s insights on the local economy have made him a popular source for interviews, and he has given over 1,000 interviews to local and national media sources. He has been quoted in the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Daily Transcript, the San Diego Business Journal, Newsweek, and other publications. He has also been interviewed on KPBS, KFMB, KOGO, KSDO, and KCEO radio, and has made appearances on KFMB, KGTV, KNSD, KUSI, KSWB, and XETV television.

    Professor Gin received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, and his Master’s of Arts and Ph.D. degrees, both in Economics, from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Professor Gin came to the University of San Diego in 1988, after having previously taught at Loyola Marymount University and the University of California at Santa Barbara.

    Listen to a podcast of David Lefkowitz and Alan Gin’s interview!

    Listen to a podcast of David Lefkowitz’s interview!

    Listen to a podcast of Alan Gin’s interview!

  • Billionaires

    May 26, 2015
    Creation, preservation and legacy of great wealth in a second “Gilded Age” This week, UBS and PwC launched the 2015 Billionaires Report, entitled “Billionaires: Master architects of great wealth and lasting legacies”. During the past 35 years, billionaires have created extraordinary wealth on a scale not seen since the “Gilded Age” at the beginning of the 20th ... Continue Reading
  • UBS Professional Recognition

    March 26, 2015
    Drew Freides and Michael Kanigher have been recognized as industry leaders. Drew Freides Barron’s Top 100 Financial Advisors, 2015 Drew Freides Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors, 2015 Drew Freides & Michael Kanigher Financial Times Top 400 Financial Advisor, 2015 Michael Kanigher Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors, 2014, 2015 Drew Freides Barron’s Top 1,000 Financial Advisors, 2013 Continue Reading
  • Art San Diego 2014

    October 31, 2014
    In studio Ann Berchtold from our sponsor UBS talked about Art San Diego 2014. This contemporary art show ran from November 6th to the 9th. For more information on the exhibits, visit LISTEN TO PODCAST Listen to a podcast of Ann Berchtold, from UBS, talk about San Diego Art Week 2014! Continue Reading
  • Bruno Bertocci – UBS Senior Portfolio Manager Discusses Sustainable Investing

    September 24, 2013
    Sustainable investing incorporates environmental, social and governance (ESG) research to identify sustainable companies that are expected to outperform over the long term. Sustainable investing is becoming mainstream, providing exciting investment opportunities. Sustainable investing does not impede investment performance. UBS is a leader in sustainability. One of the megatrends building across the financial landscape is focused on how investors can ... Continue Reading
  • Thomas McLoughlin of UBS Discusses Government Debt and Bonds

    May 22, 2013
    Thomas McLoughlin is Head of Municipal Research at UBS which is leading research and strategy efforts within the municipal bond market. He currently serves as a member of the Wealth Management Research Management Committee. Prior to joining UBS Wealth Management, Tom spent more than 25 years in the public finance field, the most recent stint ... Continue Reading
  • Relations Between the Banking Industry and Washington with John Savercool

    May 1, 2013
    The featured guest was John Savercool of UBS. Mr. Savercool has had a distinguished career working in many areas on Capitol Hill. He is now the Senior Lobbyist and Managing Director of Political Relationships in Washington for UBS. As their first Senior Lobbyist, he has focused on such topics as financial services regulatory reform, mutual ... Continue Reading
  • UBS Advisor Drew Freides Is Named as a “Top 1,000 Financial Advisor” by Barron’s

    March 3, 2013
    I am pleased to share with you that Drew Freides of UBS Wealth Management Americas has been named by Barron’s magazine as a “Top 1,000 Financial Advisor” in the United States. This is one of our industry’s highest honors and underscores Drew and his team’s commitment to solving the growing needs of their clients. Barron’s annual ... Continue Reading
  • The Dyanamics of the Economy with Kurt Reiman

    February 28, 2013
    Kurt Reiman of UBS was the guest. Reiman currently holds the head position of the thematic research group within UBS Wealth Management Research in the Americas. As the senior editor of one of the flagship publications, UBS research focus, he has had the distinction of publishing many pieces on varying subjects from infrastructure, climate change, ... Continue Reading
  • Wealth Investment Strategies with Stephen R. Freedman, Ph.D., CFA

    February 6, 2013
    The guest was Stephen Freedman, Head of Investment Strategy at UBS. After earning a Master’s degree in economics and business from University of Gallen in Switzerland, Mr. Freedman went on to earn a Ph.D. in financial economics from the same institution. His career at UBS began back in 1998 where he initially started as an ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Portfolio Manager at UBS, Colleen Brophy

    November 20, 2012
    This show features an interview with Colleen Brophy on “It’s Your Money and Your Life.” Ms. Brophy currently holds the position of Executive Director, Senior Portfolio Manager at UBS, where she has been employed since 1996. Working out of the New York office of UBS, Ms. Brophy’s area of focus is global fixed income investments. ... Continue Reading

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Creation, preservation and legacy of great wealth in a second “Gilded Age”

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