Two Bears Ranch


Located on a 525 acre working ranch in Durango Colorado, the property is one of the finest horse facilities in the southwest with sweeping mountain views, senior water and full mineral rights and access to thousands of acres of state and national forest. It’s ideal location is less than 20 minutes from some of the best dining in the southwest with over 150 restaurants, golf, skiing, river rafting, kayaking , world class fly fishing and a regional airport served by major and charter airlines and a hospital. There is also a 501(c)3 program designed to assist veterans with combat PTSD through the use of equine and canine therapy. The horses are mustangs from the bureau of land management and the dogs are all rescued.

As U.S. Marine Corps veterans, husband and wife, Carl and Sara Sheeler, are uniquely qualified stewards of this impact investment and the 501(c)3 designed to support combat veterans through horse and dog therapy. Carl Sheeler, PhD (Finance) is a best-selling author; successful entrepreneur with three liquidity events; as well as a Managing Director and Global Group Leader of Family Offce & Business Strategies for the 1,000+ staff Berkeley Research Group, LLC. The other half of this team is Sara Sheeler, an artist and spiritual guide. She is a business owner having been raised in both rural New England and Alabama. She is also a health and wellness expert, who together with ranchers, animal therapy, family dynamic and hospitality experts help connect the body and mind.

What if you had an investment that made you talk about the impact, not just the return? Remember when you dreamed of being a cowboy or a soldier? Two Bears Ranch is not solely an investment in real estate and a business, but in a holistic philosophy that success without significance is unrealized potential.

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