Stephanie Staidle, Right Brain Consultant and Mindset Coach

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stephanie-staidle-2 Right Brain ConsultantStephanie Staidle, the founder of The Right Brain Entrepreneur (TRBE), works with companies and entrepreneurs which are very successful; are stuck at their current levels of performance. Stephanie provides on-site workshops and tele-coaching for business professionals worldwide, educating them on the science behind achieving results in business by using ‘right brain thinking’ resulting in creative solutions to the common challenges for business owners.

the-right-brain-entrepreneur-logo Right Brain ConsultantTRBE was founded on the concept that western society and education train entrepreneurs and companies to build businesses using mostly ‘left brain’ processes, leaving our innate creative genius untapped which limits full human potential. By liberating your entire brain as an entrepreneur, you expand your ability to overcome challenges, improve effectiveness, and enhance the results of your business, providing an edge over your competition.

With an extensive background in psychology and the arts, Stephanie has over 10 years experience as a counselor, art therapist, and professional development coach. She has spent many years working for large corporations doing marketing and advertising for clients such as American Express and Clear Channel. She has been featured as an expert on NBC, TEDx, and for her unique methodology. You can watch videos of her appearances on NBC HERE and at SXSW HERE.

Stephanie’s book, “Master Your Mind: Six Steps to Success” reveals ground breaking, scientifically supported techniques in a detailed 50-page guide so you can start innovating like Apple, Google, and Disney.

Stephanie has a BA in Psychology, Art and Music from Georgetown University and an MA in Art Therapy from New York University. She is a licensed creative art therapist in the state of New York (LCAT), and nationally board certified (ATR-BC).

Listen to a podcast of the show