Samoan Noni Juice, Fred Siaosi and Two Harbors Trading

Image of a Samoan Noni FruitFred Siaosi is president and co-founder of Two Harbors Trading, a Carlsbad-based company that supplies businesses around the world with exotic fruits. They are well-known for their noni juice which comes from the morinda citrifolia fruit found in the South Pacific. The Samoan noni fruit is an exotic superfruit used in traditional Polynesian medicine. This allows Mr. Siaosi to educate the rest of the world on Samoa’s natural healing practices and also employ a large portion of the island.

Mr. Siaosi also runs a business called Healthy Island which makes super food fruit juices for weight loss.

Healthy Island Weight Loss Supplements

Fred Siaosi graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in International Relations in 1991. While he has lived in North County for the last 20 years, His family is originally from Western Samoa where he and his father are chiefs. Mr. Siaosi has been working to help Samoans spread their traditions since he began his business nearly 20 years ago.

As much as he likes to work hard, Fred also balances it by playing hard and can be found on the lacrosse or football field supporting his kids.

Chief to Chief on Vimeo.


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