Anthony Sorge, CEO of Genlantis and First Responders Plus Vince Bartolotta Jr, Esq. of Thorsnes Bartolotta and McGuire

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Tony Sorge First Responder Executive San DiegoAntibiotic-resistant bacterial strains are a problem, but few of us look at the problem as an opportunity. Tony Sorge did. Mr. Sorge is a San Diego biotech executive who is uniquely qualified to solve the problem of super bacteria and viruses in hospitals and all the places where people receive emergency services and are exposed to resistant bacteria.

Genlantis logo San Diego biotech companyRichard and Joe talked with Tony Sorge about super bacteria in unexpected places where people in critical medical condition acquire further infections. Mr. Sorge is the CEO of Genlantis. Genlantis designs, develops and commercializes biological reagents for life scientists worldwide. Genlantis is focused on the development of protein expression solutions, genetic research as well as efficient delivery technologies for both in vitro and in vivo applications.

People go to hospitals to get better but sometimes catch really bad things.

Genlantis has expanded into developing solutions that get infectious pathogens out of hospitals, first responder emergency vehicles, and medical assistance facilities. The prevention of contaminant buildup to infectious levels is especially important when one considers Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). HAI contraction is one of the biggest preventable causes of death in a health vehicle. Genlantis’ newest product, The FirstResponder® Sterilizer, is a portable effective sterilizing unit which can be used in many applications including: Sterilization of EMS Vehicles (Ambulance, Police, and Fire), Contained Law Enforcement Rooms (Holding Cells), Locker Rooms, Restrooms, and Public Transportation Vehicles. Regular cleanings with the FirstResponder® Sterilizer can reduce EMS contribution to HAIs and potentially save lives. Genlantis will soon be introducing several new sterilization products that could reduce the spread of flu and other infections in public facilities and public transportation.

Anthony Sorge, CEO of Genlantis and First Responders plus Vince Bartolotta Jr, Esq. of Thorsnes Bartolotta and McGuire

thornes-bartolotta-mcguire-logoVincent bartolotta photoRichard and Joe also caught up with Vince Bartolotta, occasional guest, and friend of the show. He joined the show for a segment, and we learned that his law firm, Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire, recently celebrated its 40th year. We also learned that Vince was personally inducted into The Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame, whose membership is limited to 500 members. To top things off, he’s a nice guy as evidenced by his recent election to the San Diego Nice Guys charity as the incoming President. Congratulations Vince!

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Joe Vecchio, Tony Sorge and Richard Muscio

Tony Sorge, Keith Emerson and Anthony Sorge with the Emerson Modular Moog Synthesizer at Tony’s house in 2015.