Marisa Moris, Spiritual Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, Healer and Counselor

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Marisa Moris, clairvoyant, with Joe and Richard at KFMBThis week Richard and Joe welcomed Marisa Moris who has been called the clairvoyant medium next door. Marisa openly discusses her roller-coaster life from standout HS student and athlete to the bad decisions she made involving drugs, running with the wrong crowd, health issues and car wrecks, her out of body experiences and how she discovered her intuition which ultimately helped put her life on a very positive track. Her passion now is sharing her talents and helping people she works with live a happy, healthy and beautiful life.

On her website,, she educates people that have a passion or curiosity about what Spiritual Intuitives, Mediums, and Healers do. Marisa has an unique ability to differentiate tricksters from true sources of wisdom. As a former highly successful mortgage broker and real estate professional, Marisa understands the stresses of everyday life and the obstacles facing those who seek spiritual enlightenment.

Book cover of The Snow Globe by Marisa MorisMarisa is has written 11 books dealing with spirituality. Her works can be seen at her Amazon author’s page. In her most recent work, The Snow Globe, she explains a simple visualization technique she has used for 8 years to see the energy and communicate with your inner guidance system. She also has a YouTube Channel with many videos designed to inform and teach people about intuitive healing and mediumship.

Marisa lives in Carlsbad, California with her husband Jeff, who she adores almost as much as her fearless, spiritually aware poodle-chihuahua Poochi. When not caring for her infant daughter Madison, Marisa is teaching classes on intuitive healing, mediumship and how to developing your intuition.

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