Marcy Morrison, Careers with Wings

marcy-morrison-webThis week Richard and Joe welcomed career coach, Marcy Morrison. Marcy’s passion and purpose are to help people to uncover and live their passion and purpose. Her vision for many years that is Passion + Purpose = World Change. She has been a career coach for almost 10 years with her own business “Careers with Wings” where she works with people on all parts of the journey; uncovering what they love, what they are good at, the legacy/difference they want to make, branding, interviewing, strategy, and salary negotiation. Marcy has inspired others via speaking engagements, workshops, programs, media appearances. Her youtube channel has many of her appearances. Her book “Finding Your Passion: The Easy Guide To your Dream Career” is a fun and whimsical guide to developing wings for your career and getting on the fast track to finding your dream job via identifying your passions and strengths. In Marcy’s other book, “Falling in Love with Me: A Personal Journey and A Guide to Falling in Love with You” she shares how she learned to fall in love with herself and powerful exercises to help you fall in love with you and finally learn you are enough right now.

Marcy also consults a Senior Transition Coach with RiseSmart, which offers outplacement services using innovative technologies that put decades of technological innovation directly in the hands of the user through a convenient cloud-based platform and facilitates data-driven service delivery to improve the overall speed and efficiency of RiseSmart’s personalized services.

Marcy also helps youth as a volunteer coach for “Just in Time for Foster Youth” where she helped develop a career program for young women and teaches classes and mentor young women.

Marcy is on the Steering Committee for CAYS (Community Alliance for Youth Success) with Stedman Graham, Bobbi De Porter, and other youth education/empowerment leaders. CAYS has developed a pilot program with the Oceanside Unified School District in San Diego and launched a Youth Success Week in January 2016 that is serving as a nationwide model that pulls together community resources/leaders to ensure youth success.

Marcy went to High School on the Jersey Shore at Middletown High School South and attended Balmoral State High School (Brisbane, Australia) for a year as an AFS Exchange Student. After that, she received BA in International Affairs/Spanish, magna cum laude from James Madison University, a BA from Universidad de Salamanca in International Affairs/Spanish and an MPIA from UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy. When not working she enjoys spending time with her two boys Cameron and Logan, traveling and giving back to the community.

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