How Values and Leadership Impact Companies | Carl Sheeler and Malcolm Avner

Photo of Carl SheelerThis podcast features returning sponsor Carl Sheeler of Berkeley Research Group LLC. and Life and Business Coach, Malcolm Avner. Dr. Sheeler discusses how the culture of a business affects its value. Although culture may seem like a vague component of a company’s value, Dr. Sheeler has broken it down into measurable metrics:

How can you measure company culture?

  • Do the staff have the authority and autonomy to do their jobs? Is that authority documented in company process and procedure literature?
  • Does the staff have access to the information that they need? Is the staff cross training?
  • What is staff turn-over and tenure (especially at senior management levels)?
  • Is there a correlation of compensation to merit?
  • Do the company and its employees embrace diversity and constructive change?
  • Is there a governing and/or advisory board?
  • Does the company strategically plan as a normal way of doing business? Or is it in a reactive mode?
  • Does the company encourage its employees to be actively engaged in industry groups?
  • How agile is the company? Does it have the ability to review, revise and repeat?
  • Are the messages from the management consistent across ranks and clients?

Richard and Joe also welcome Malcolm Avner, who has built his more than 25 year professional coaching career on three core principles:

  1. Isolation breeds under performance. We do better when we allow ourselves to be supported by others.
  2. Judgment of inadequacy is the predominant cause of discontent and frustration
  3. A meaningful life is the result of relentless pursuit of truth

Malcolm is spearheading the foundation of the San Diego chapter of Conscious Capitalism. Click here for information about the Conscious Capitalism’s Event at the Paradise Hotel, April 9th – 11th.

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