George Mullen, Artist, Writer and Homeless Advocate

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george mullenRichard and Joe welcomed George Mullen artist, writer and visionary to discuss his diverse background, San Diego issues, and San Diego’s increasing homeless population.

George Mullen is a business owner in downtown San Diego and a principal of StudioRevolution. He is an oil painting artist and writer, as well as a global leader in protest-driven Terrorism Art. Likewise, he specializes in developing long-term branding strategies for cities and nation-states. He runs a large working studio and gallery in San Diego. He is a native of San Diego and a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder. After spending considerable time in the Middle East doing archaeological work, he authored the book Peace in the Middle East.Peace in the Mideast book cover

Since then, he has authored numerous published articles on local San Diego issues, world affairs, and global finance. As early as 2005, George predicted the “Financial Tsunami” (a term he coined and has since used by many) of the housing bubble in 2008.

You can find George’s Published Writings Here

George Mullen’s Writings

Recently, George has proposed a sweeping plan to address the increasing homelessness problem in San Diego called “Sunbreak Ranch.” The Sunbreak Comprehensive Plan is designed to IMMEDIATELY initiate a viable solution to the homeless humanitarian crisis that is now eating San Diego alive – physically, emotionally, and financially.

George steadfastly remains an independent minded idea person and is not affiliated with any political party or political movement.

Mullen has been a dedicated member of Rotary International since 1988, is a Past President of the San Diego Mission Valley Rotary Club, and is currently the Program Chair for the San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club.

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