Cannabis Industry Experts, Lincoln Fish, CEO, and Dr. Allison Justice of Outco and Outliers Collective

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This week Richard and Joe delve into the area of medical cannabis with industry experts Lincoln Fish and Allison Justice of Outco and the Outliers Collective.

Formed in 2015, Outco is a vertically integrated, licensed producer of medical cannabis in Southern California. Outco currently distributes cannabis products to about 75 licensed dispensaries in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles. Outco also manages Outliers Collective, the first licensed dispensary continually operating in San Diego County. They operate the first licensed cultivation on Native American land in Southern California, the first cultivation building permit in Southern California and the first licensed extraction facility in San Diego County. Outco is on track to be the largest licensed producer of medical cannabis in Southern California.

As cities grapple with how to regulate marijuana-based businesses, Outliers Collective, the county’s only legally licensed medical cannabis dispensary provides evidence of the advantages of licensing and regulating facilities to provide product safety testing for consumers, security for employees, and avoid problems caused by illegal pot shops such as crime, fire hazards, and products contaminated with pesticides.

Lincoln Fish

With more that 30 years experience as an entrepreneur, Lincoln Fish possesses a formidable background in strategy, finance, marketing, and sales. Lincoln recently resigned his position as senior vice president of sales and marketing for Avadyne Health, a $50 million healthcare administration firm. He is a nationally recognized healthcare leader and recently received a Person of the Year Award from the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society. Fish’s experience with FDA regulations in nutraceuticals prepared him for running a business in such a tumultuous, highly regulated environment like cannabis. Lincoln is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Allison Justice

Allison Justice graduated from Clemson University with a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Science. Allison’s dissertation involved investigating the effects of a beneficial mycorrhizal type organism (Piriformospora indica), where she learned that organic, sustainable growing can be easy, cost-effective, and produce aesthetically pleasing plants when done properly. Post-graduation Allison developed a system (patent pending) to mass rear beneficial nematodes for commercial use that led her to consult on integrated pest management nationwide. Through research, Allison is elevating the standards of cannabis cultivation both indoors and in greenhouse settings. Dr. Justice has been appointed to the California Industrial Hemp Advisory Board, through May of 2020.

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