• Gene Locklear and David Meltzer Preview the 2016 MLB All Star Game in San Diego

    July 8, 2016

    This week Richard and Joe welcomed Gene Locklear and David Metzler for a preview of the 2016 All Star Game in San Diego.

    gene-locklearGene Locklear was the Official Artist for the 2016 All Star Game and created a painting depicting all of the All Stars with San Diego roots, including Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn. Gene played professional baseball from 1969 until 1979. He started in the farm league for the Cincinnati Reds, and later played in the Major Leagues for the Reds, San Diego Padres, and New York Yankees. He had the talent to win the Triple Crown in the minor leagues and be part of Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine. More important, he broke down racial barriers by becoming the first member of the Lumbee tribe to play professional sports and one of only about two dozen Native Americans to play in the majors.

    After Locklear’s professional baseball career, he transitioned into a successful commercial artist and painter. The subject matter of his fine art tends to be either related to sports or to his Native American heritage. His drawings and paintings can be found in numerous galleries (including his own gallery in San Diego), and he has a piece hanging in the White House.

    Even though Gene Locklear concedes his two passions are very different, he is convinced baseball and painting have much in common. “They are both individual things, and you have to have talent. You can’t just have desire.”

    Gene was born in 1949 and studied at the School of Fine Arts, NY from 1997 to 2001.

    david-meltzerDavid Meltzer is the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, a firm he co-founded with Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon where he oversees all day-to-day operations. Sports 1 Marketing is currently involved with several sports and entertainment projects such as the NFL Player’s Association, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Super Bowl, Athlete Network, Shmoop, the Masters, Spartan Races, Internships.com, and countless others..Sports 1 Logo David discussed the economic impact of the All Star Game on the San Diego economy.

    David launched his career in sports at the world’s most notable sports agency, Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, serving as CEO. While there, his team negotiated over $2 billion in sports and entertainment contracts.

    Every business project that David undertakes requires having a charitable component or partner which helps David continue to live by his mission. David believes in a just world in which, sharing and giving back, can help empower others to empower others.

    In addition to his business ventures, David holds several positions on boards for charitable causes such as: Crescent Moon Foundation, Rose Bowl Foundation, JUST Capital, OCTANE Business Incubator, Irvine Public School Foundation, Transformational Leadership Council, National High School Basketball Association, Unstoppable Foundation, Able Population, and the Boys & Girls Club of America.

    In 2014, David launched his first book Connected To Goodness which quickly gained national exposure for his codified principles to success using business and spirituality. Connected To Goodness reveals David’s proven principles for success that will bring you the same peace and balance he now enjoys in both business and in life.

    David lives in Orange County with his beautiful wife, Julie, and four M&M’s, Marissa, Mia, Marlena,
    and Miles.

    Listen to a podcast of Gene Locklear and David Meltzer’s interview!
    Listen to a podcast of Gene Locklear’s interview!
    Listen to a podcast of David Meltzer’s interview!

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