• Judge Robert Coates and Shannon Jaccard Discuss Mental Health Issues

    September 2, 2016

    Robert-CoatsRichard and Joe’s guests this week on IYMONEY were Judge Robert C. Coates and Shannon Jaccard. They discussed the subject of mental illness, the treatment of mental illness and the homeless.

    Judge Coates has worked within the legal system since 1971 as a Trial Lawyer and presented cases from the local courts all the way to the State and Federal level. He began serving as a Judge in 1982. Judge Coates retired from the bench in January of 2011 after presiding over a San Diego Superior Courtroom for more than 28 years. He continues to be an active presence within the law community. Currently, he is a partner at Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula, which is a law firm that practices civil law with a focus on environmental, business, employment, and real estate law.

    Judge Robert C. Coates has also gained recognition as a writer and legal thinker, authoring five lead law review articles and six books. The nonfiction book, A Street is Not a Home: Solving America’s Homeless Dilemma, sold 34,000 copies and earned the 1991 Warren Williams Advocacy Award from the California Psychiatric Association (part of the American Psychiatric Association). His recently released book, “Crazy People in Court,” chronicles the stories of many of the mentally ill people that passed through his courtroom.

    Judge Coates maintains his commitment to solving issues of homelessness. Judge Robert C. Coates was recognized for his achievements through a 1999 Humanitarian Award from the Coalition for the Homeless and a 2007 Rotary International Service to the World award. He is currently chair the “One-in-Four Task force on Homeless Women””, for Catholic Charities.

    A native San Diegan, Judge Coates attended La Jolla High School and earned a B.S. in Geology from SDSU.

    shannon-jaccardShannon Jaccard is the CEO of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) San Diego. Her interest in helping people with mental health issues began with her brother’s diagnosis. NAMI San Diego is the community’s voice on mental illness. Its threefold mission is to support, educate and advocate. They offer a Helpline (1-800-523-5933), support groups, educational meetings, newsletters, a lending library and classes at various locations throughout the county to end the stigma associated with mental illness. NAMI San Diego’s innovative Tech Café https://techcafe.namisandiego.org/ creates opportunities for uses of technology and strategies to support culturally competent recovery and resilience.

    She co-authored a book “Our Stories-101 Things We Know Now We Wish We Knew Then”. Shannon serves on several boards of directors including the international organization, Recovery Innovations and the Meeting Place Clubhouse in San Diego County. Shannon has received numerous awards such as; Outstanding Young Californian by the San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Channel 10 News Leadership Award. She was named one of San Diego’s “50 People to Watch” by San Diego Magazine.

    Shannon received her BA in Political Science from UCSD and her MBA from California State University-San Marcos and is a fellow of the Aspen Institute inaugural Health Innovators class.

    Listen to a podcast of Judge Robert Coates and Shannon Jaccard’s interview!

    Listen to a podcast of Judge Robert Coates’ interview!

    Listen to a podcast of Shannon Jaccard’s interview!

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