• Brenda Geiger, Expert Estate & Business Planning Attorney and Michelle St. Clair, CEO of Elite Lifestyle Mgmt

    September 8, 2016

    Photo of Carlsbad Trust LawyerRichard and Joe welcomed show sponsor Brenda Geiger, trust attorney, and Michelle St.Clair a luxury concierge.

    Brenda Geiger and the Geiger Law Office is an Estate and Business Planning law firm providing prosperous people strategies and legal advice on how to protect their families, assets, and businesses. They specialize in helping their clients protect themselves and their families from creditors, predators, and divorcing spouses. She collaborates with Richard on complex estate issues that affect family offices.

    In addition to serving her clients and managing her firm, Brenda Geiger has made the time to be a prolific writer and hosts several educational annual events designed to help people understand the mechanics of creating and maintaining an estate plan.

    Her upcoming event on September 20th will address a change to the IRS code Section 2704 which will substantially increase wealth transfer taxes. On the show, she will discuss these changes to the code, and how they will affect wealth transfer and what individuals can do to protect their assets before these changes go into effect. Brenda also has a fun event coming up on October 7th for car lovers!
    Ms. Geiger attained both her undergraduate law degrees from the University of San Diego among other significant academic accomplishments.

    Michelle-St-ClairMichelle St. Clair is founder & CEO of Elite Lifestyle Management (ELM) a members-only lifestyle management, luxury concierge service firm. ELM is the preferred service of those with the means to enjoy life’s luxuries who also desire more time to experience them. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, their private membership, and corporate services are designed so that everything is catered to their Members’ preferred level of assistance and tailored to their personal requirements.

    San Diego, California native Michelle St. Clair is a born bon vivant and has always been a resource of what’s new and noteworthy in dining, entertainment, and travel for those in her social circle. A savvy entrepreneur, she founded a national events planning firm in 2011. She arrived upon the concept of a private concierge company and in 2014 she founded ELM, San Diego’s first invitation-only luxury lifestyle management and concierge that caters to elite clientele throughout California and beyond. Sought-after for her problem-solving acumen, she can make the impossible possible— whether it’s a private tour of the Vatican or tickets to a sold-out Broadway musical just hours prior to the curtain rising.

    Listen to a podcast of Michelle St. Clair and Brenda Geiger’s’ interview!

    Listen to a podcast of Michelle St. Clair’s’ interview!

    Listen to a podcast of Brenda Geiger’s’ interview!

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