• Safe Harbor An Expert Panel on Sustainable Seafood Sponsored by The Berry Good Food Foundation

    November 17, 2016

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    berry-good-food-foundation-225 Sustainable Seafoodsafe-harbor-graphic-300x450 Sustainable SeafoodJoe and guest host Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach of the Berry Good Food Foundation interviewed panelists from the fourth and final multidisciplinary panel discussion of 2016, Safe Harbor. The event was held on November 16th and sponsored by the Berry Good Food Foundation. It featured Nationally prominent chefs, fishermen, academics, and activists will address the impact our seafood choices have on the long-term vitality of harvested seafood and the well-being of the oceans.

    The panelists were:

    Tommy Gomes is a fishmonger at Catalina Offshore Products. He is a native San Diegan whose Portuguese family settled here in 1892. His experience working tuna fleets going in and out of San Diego has given him a deep knowledge of the industry and he’s become a leading voice in seafood education. Among his involvements, Tommy oversees COP’s nonprofit dining series, Collaboration Kitchen; participates in children’s fishing and culinary programs; and is an outspoken player in the Marine Life Protection Act initiatives. In 2011 he was on the list of San Diego Magazine’s “50 People to Watch in 2011.”

    Sarah Rathbone is a co-founder of Dock to Dish LA and director of operations. She grew up on the shores of Cape Cod, where she developed her initial love of and fascination with everything marine. After working with commercial fishermen to collect data for her master’s thesis, she took to the high seas aboard a commercial lobster boat, the FV March Gale, as full-time crew. After realizing the expansive and unnecessary gap between the people who catch the fish and the people who love to eat it, she co-founded Community Seafood of Santa Barbara to bring fish directly from the fishermen to her local consumer community. This program has evolved into her current partnership with Dock to Dish, which is the first Restaurant Supported Fishery in the U.S. Through Dock to Dish, Rathbone connects top chef members in Los Angeles to their local sustainable fishermen, providing complete trace-ability and the best seafood available within 24 hours of it hitting the dock.

    Corinne Bush, MS, CNS is an integrative nutritionist in practice in Bedminster, New Jersey. Her mission to transform complex, chronic disease through nutrition is realized through her work in clinical practice and as a leader in key organizations. Corinne is the Executive Vice President of the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists, the foremost credentialing body for advanced nutrition professionals. She serves on the Board of Directors of the American College of Nutrition, a charitable organization focused on stimulating nutrition research and publication, elevating nutrition knowledge among clinicians and researchers, and providing practical guidance on clinical nutrition.

    Paula Sylvia, with 16 years in managing initiatives at the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute and NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries, is the Port of San Diego’s program manager for aquaculture and blue tech. Responsible for securing funding, planning, designing, permitting and implementation of pilot and commercial scale aquaculture operations in offshore, exposed environments in California, USA and Mexico for fisheries replenishment and food production purposes. Develop, manage and coordinate opportunities related to all aspects of business planning and development for fish farming operations including but not limited to: developing markets for fingerlings, fingerling sales, coordination and troubleshooting with customers related to production at the farm level, permitting, marketing, and managing research and other contract services with industry partners.

    Listen to a podcast of the show
    Listen to a podcast of Tommy Gomes and Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach’s interview!
    Listen to a podcast of Sarah Rathbone and Tommy Gomes’s interview!
    Listen to a podcast of Corinne Bush and Sarah Rathbone’s interview!
    Listen to a podcast of Paula Sylvia and Sarah Rathbone’s interview!

    L to R (Bold font = radio guests)
    Rebecca Gardon, Tommy Gomes – Catalina Offshore Products, Joe Vecchio – Host, Tommy – the world traveled chihuahua w/ Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach – Founder, Berry Good Food Foundation, Corinne Bush – Nutritionist, Sarah Rathbone – Dock to Dish LA, Heidi Dewar – NOAA

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