• Krista Roybal, M.D. on Addiction and Recovery: Prevention, Treatment and Solutions

    August 23, 2017

    Krista Roybal photoThe goal this week was to tackle the issue of addiction and substance abuse head on. Richard and Joe welcome back Dr. Krista Roybal, Executive Medical Director of the True Life Center for Wellbeing in the UTC area for the hour. While working in private practice and at top hospitals including Scripps, where she served as Co-Medical Director of the Scripps Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program, Dr. Roybal recognized a need for a more innovative approach to treatment. She developed an approach that combines the warmth and individual attention found in private practice with the collaborative environment and neuro-scientific focus of a medical facility coupled with her personal belief in holistic healing.

    “Seeking help is an act of courage– a commitment on the journey to your authentic self”

    Dr. Roybal founded True Life Center in 2014 with those concepts in mind. She exclusively sees patients in True Life’s Intensive Outpatient Program, where her compassionate, strength-based approach makes her particularly adept at treating complex addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. Dr. Roybal also specializes in benzodiazepine and medical detox, psycho-pharmacologic evaluations and medication management. Three years later, True Life Center continues to grow and thrive under Dr. Roybal’s hands-on leadership. As a doctor who has always been fascinated by the narrative of each patients’ life journey, she is proud to have developed a treatment center and a team whose mission is to address and treat an individual’s whole health – mind, body, and spirit.

    Dr. Roybal completed her undergraduate degree at UC San Diego while assisting a doula in over 100 births. She then went on to New York Medical College. While still in medical school she became fascinated with the mind-body connection. Though initially she trained to have a Family Practice specialty, her talents for aiding people to change detrimental behaviors was soon discovered. She went on to specialize in psychiatry at the University of New Mexico and was trained by one of Harvard’s top addiction psychiatrists. She also developed expertise in psychodynamic psychotherapy, attachment theory, women’s mental health, mindfulness meditation and the treatment of anxiety and depression.

    krista roybal on airDr Roybal shares compelling data and statistics re addiction in San Diego county and blunt information about street drugs, the illegal trade and related matters.

    Also joining the show is Brian, 24, a relatively new resident of San Diego who details his substance abuse history which started at age 13. He shares how he began using, his addiction and how he ultimately sought and found the help he needed to get clean despite some bumps in the road. He now resides in a sober living home and has turned his life around. He’s a physical fitness enthusiast who exercises regularly and has a great interest in healthy easting as well. His long-range goal is to work in the recovery field assisting others in need.

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