• San Diego Craft Beer with Ben Moxley and Cloud Computing with Ford Winslow

    May 25, 2015

    Kings of the Craft Documentary Director Ben Moxley

    Ben Moxley joins the show to talk about the craft beer industry. He is the the director of a new local San Diego KPBS series that made its debut on May 21st entitled, Kings of the Craft. The six-part series features stories from established craft beer makers in San Diego including Stone, Ballast Point, Karl Strauss and AleSmith. The idea for the documentary had its origins in a student film film project at San Diego State University. The footage is beautifully produced with rich visual imagery and music throughout. It will broadcast on Thursday nights and be available for streaming when the series has completed its initial run on KPBS.

    Cloud Computing with Ford Winslow

    Ford WinslowOur second guest is Ford Winslow from CentrexIT, a cloud computing company for biotech companies. Mr. Ford has been serving as the Chief Risk Officer at CentrexIT since 2008. Ford has extensive experience building complex technical solutions for healthcare and life science sectors including co-founding Abnolgy, also a IT firm serving biotech companies.

    Mr. Ford attended the University of Maryland, and he has been helping companies with IT solutions ever since including Papa John and Freddie Mac. He got his start in San Diego with Sangart, a biotech startup that raised $350m in funding. He has served on the board of the Life Sciences Information Technology Global Institute (LIST) and was lead author on 6 books (about 1000 pages of text) that are guidance for Life Sciences industry on IT including topics like security, infrastructure, cloud, validation, risk management, and training. Cloud computing is the way of the future, and CentrixIT has the expertise to move San Diego biotechs to cloud computing.

    Listen LIVE to our talk radio show Saturday night at 7pm on KFMB 760 AM or online here.

  • Portfolium: Framing Accomplishments – Adam Markowitz

    May 22, 2015
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  • FACE’s Chairman Howard Finkelstein

    May 15, 2015
    The guest was Howard D. Finkelstein, a partner in Finkelstein & Krinsk, LLP which specializes in investor, consumer and employee class actions law suits. In addition, Mr. Finkelstein is the chairman of FACE (Foundation for Animal Care & Education), which provides grants for animal owners who are unable to cover the cost of their pets ... Read more
  • The CPA Firm of the Future: Technology-Driven and Paper-free

    May 8, 2015
    The second of a 2-part series on the “CPA Firm of the Future” featuring guests Richard Francis and Jody L. Padar. Richard Francis Richard Francis heads up Spotlight Reporting, a software company that offers advanced reporting and dashboard reporting tools and multi-entity analysis to accountants and organizations globally. Their cloud-based tools can integrate data from a variety ... Read more
  • The CPA Firm of the Future, Value Based Pricing with Ron Baker and Daniel Morris

    April 30, 2015
    Ronald J. Baker and Daniel D. Morris are founders of the Verasage Institute, a leading think tank dedicated to promulgating and teaching value-based pricing, economics, and human capital development to professionals and businesses around the world. Ronald J. Baker, a founder of the VeraSage Institute, began his CPA career KPMG’s Private business Advisory Services. A ... Read more
  • Conscious Capitalism’s Malcolm Avner | GameChangers 500 Founder Andrew Hewitt

    April 24, 2015
    Richard and Joe welcome Malcolm Avner and Andrew Hewitt. Malcolm Avner Mr. Avner is a business leader and life coach. He has built his more than 25 year professional coaching career on three core principles: 1. Isolation breeds under performance. We do better when we allow ourselves to be supported by others 2. Judgment of inadequacy is the predominant ... Read more
  • James Rosebush on Building Wealth and Philanthropy

    April 18, 2015
    James Rosebush was a Reagan White House official and is a widely recognized leader in building and managing corporate wealth and philanthropic organizations. For over twenty years he has been CEO of an international consulting firm, GrowthStrategy, Inc., advising on management strategies, finance, marketing, and communications, throughout the world. He pioneered a holistic approach to ... Read more
  • Financial Fridays | Jason Labrum

    April 17, 2015
    Richard Muscio was the guest on Financial Fridays on AM 1170 the Answer with host Jason Labrum. Listen to the commercial free podcast: Read more
  • Bisnow | Almost Never Boring

    April 11, 2015
    Richard and Joe interviewed Sean Spear, Business Manager of the Southern California for Bisnow. Bisnow is commercial real estate site that was launched in Washington DC in 2007 and now has more than 32 offices across the nation. Sean has recently opened a San Diego office to promote the events that his company hosts. These ... Read more
  • Strategic Planning with Business Valuation Expert Carl Sheeler

    April 3, 2015
    Richard and Joe welcomed back sponsor and friend, Carl Sheeler of Berkeley Research Group, LLC. Dr. Sheeler recently published a book, Equity Valuation: A Tool to Enhance Value and Mitigate Risk. The book focuses on how to apply valuation techniques and leverage human capital and operational effectiveness. Dr. Sheeler is retained by companies as a “Strategic ... Read more
  • Founder of Hazel’s Army | Aaron Byzak

    March 28, 2015
    Richard and Joe sat down and talked to local activist, Aaron Byzak, who is the founder of Hazel’s Army. Mr. Byzak and his advocacy group have spearheaded reform in the laws and health codes governing assisted living communities and state-run retirement facilities. Along the way, they have discovered the benefits of bridging the gap between ... Read more